​​​Twin Bays Stable

                                        TBS YEAR END AWARDS

MOST IMPROVED: Awarded to the ride who has shown significant improvement in        their riding since the beginning of the year.   
         2016         SELBY MOLLOY

         2015         DAISY GEBBIA-RICHARDS
         2014         CONAL MUELLER
         2013         TORI HAAVE

SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Awarded for consistenly demonstrating love of the sport, respect for the rules, care for the horse and graciousness in triumph or adversity.               
        2016          LAUREN GOLL

        2015          HANNAH REGELE
        2014          EMMA ROWE
        2013          ASHLEY MCLAREN

THE VEGAS HORSEMANSHIP PERPETUAL TROPHY: Goes to the individual who demonstrates contribution and competence as a horseman, across competing, riding, horse care, barn chores, and is a team player.  Their name gets engraved on the plaque.
       2016           SAMANTHA HOULE

       2015           LOGAN BOOK
       2014           ASHLEY MCLAREN
       2013           KATHLEEN FLYNN